Front cover of Kill Jill! Script by Mark Wheeller, showing smoking gun barrel and TV remote
Mark Wheeller

Kill Jill! Script

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Big Brother meets Kill Bill meets Jack (of Beanstalk fame) meets Tony MartinMix these together to create Kill Jill! This play, commissioned by The Birmingham REP, explores the issues of homeowners defending themselves, and also asks “How far can Reality TV be allowed to go?”

Jill is the latest victim of the Reality Lottery, a futuristic form of National Service to entertainment. She accompanies Jack as he (again) robs George, who lies in wait armed with a shotgun.

Suitable for: 13+ to adult
Duration: 50 minutes approximately
Cast: 3 female and 3 male, 5+ female/male; or 2 female, 2 male, 1 female/male with doubling.

"Kill Jill was a definite hit. We used two cameras with live feed to our overhead screen, interspersed with slides with chapter headings and the occasional editorial photo-comment. This made it possible for my tech students to obtain very high marks by dealing with a very complex show. The actors also had opportunities to impress - particularly the final scene between the dieing Jill and about to be dead George."
Robyn Trebilcock, Arts Co-ordinator, Blackwood High School, Victoria, Australia

"KILL JILL will thrill anyone exploring Citizenship issues through imaginative and entertaining theatre."
Charles Vance. Senior Editor; Amateur Stage UK 2007

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