Front cover of Heroin Lies Script by Mark Wheeller, showing close up of hypodermic syringe
Wayne Denfhy

Heroin Lies Script

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A sensitive, yet disturbing look at drugs and drug dependency, in particular the pressures and influences at play on an ordinary teenager. We observe Vicki’s gradual and tragic slide towards addiction and the varying degrees of help she receives from family and friends.

Includes suggestions for follow-up work by Peter Rowlands.

Suitable for: Key Stage 3/4 and as a GCSE text
Duration: 55 minutes (or approx. 30 mins using suggested cuts)
Cast: 3 female, 3 male, 3 female/male (or 3 female and 3 male for GCSE).

"...drama that will stimulate and challenge a young cast dealing with vital issues that affect today's youngsters in a gentle and humane way and, in so doing, gets its message across wothout the instant rejection that can meet other approaches."
Barbara Godwin, Southern Daily Echo

"everybody seems to think that they know something about drug abuse… yet, the most frightening thing of all remains the disturbing attitude that drugs, like plane crashes, happen to somebody else."
Wayne Denfhy

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