Front cover of Wacky Soap Script by Mark Wheeller, showing the eureka moment of a King in his laboratory
Danny Sturrock

Wacky Soap Script

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A Pythonesque allegorical tale about drug abuse (also applies to alcohol or tobacco). While washing with Wacky Soap leads to instant happiness and an inclination towards outrageous behaviour, prolonged use has unpredictable consequences.

A tried and tested School/Drama Club/Youth Theatre production; an ideal vehicle for a cast of any age.

Suitable for: Age Key Stage 3/4 to adult
Duration: 90 minutes approx.
Cast: 6 to 100!

"A splendid vehicle for a company of players with opportunities for all. The action includes individual performance, movement, mime, choral speech, singing and dancing."
Brian Sanders, Guild of Drama Adjudicators

"Super tunes, catchy and rhythmical, excellent opportunities for choral speaking, a first class production for use by any group looking for a good story with a moral, exciting music and lots of fun."
Ben Wright, NODA Sourthern News

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