Front cover of Gagging for it Script by Danny Sturrock, showing abstract disco scene
Danny Sturrock

Gagging for it Script

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Summer is here, A-levels are over and a group of six friends embark on a holiday to Ibiza! What would their holiday bring? Would Chris pluck up the courage to ask out Theresa?Would Jay drink himself into oblivion? Would Bianca spend the entire holiday flirting with Spanish barmen?

Or would a chance encounter with an old friend bring their hedonistic world crashing down around them?

The pace is breakneck and hilarious, but once the party's over it hits you!
Suitable for: Age 14+
Duration: 50 minutes (or approx. 30 mins for GCSE using suggested cuts) 
Cast: 3 female, 3 male, 3 female/male (or 3 female and 3 male for GCSE version)

"In this hard-edged comedy drama, writer Danny Sturrock takes a group of ordinary teenagers and illustrates their pleasure seeking lifestyles. Danny is a young playwright to watch and he makes his points clearly and without compuction."
Barbara Godwin, Southern Daily Echo

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