Front cover of Einstein's Pants Script by Steve Eaton Evans and Forest Paget, showing children gathered around a display case
Steve Eaton Evans and Forest Paget

Einstein’s Pants Script

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In the last century temperatures have risen by 0.5°C, the oceans by 8 inches and rainfall by 1%.

What if E=MC2 was not Einstein’s greatest theorem? What if he wrote another one that was even more devastating in its importance - a coded warning to future generations? What if he only wrote it down once… in a secret place where no one would think to look?

With the help of his friend Alice, Barney takes on and defeats his sinister father and uncovers the secrets of… Einstein’s Pants.

Suitable for: Age 11 to adult
Duration: 55 minutes approximately
Cast: 2 female, 2 male, 5 female/male, or 2 female and 2 male with doubling.

"This is an effective and powerful way to communicate important messages."
Dave Goddard, Director Dorset LEA

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