Front cover of Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere Script by Johhny Carrington and Mark Wheeller
Johhny Carrington and Mark Wheeller

Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere Script

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Jamie is an ideal project for vocational courses; KS4 students perform to KS2. The text includes an innovative interactive workshop developed by Stopwatch Theatre Company, that is led by the KS4 students.

Jamie Jamjar loves healthy food. He has seen how a poor diet can mess you up… Jamie is shocked when his school replace the friendly dinner ladies with Robot Dudes (fast food servants).Then he discovers his own father invented them and embarks on a mission to Dinnersphere to improve the situation.

Suitable for: Performance by Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 2 audience
Duration: 35 minutes (50 minutes with workshop)
Cast: 1 female, 3 male, 5 or 6 female/male, or 2 female and 2 male with doubling.

" The play engaged the audience, ensuring everyone was actively learning. The script ensured that important messages around healthy eating and school meals were reinforced in a fun way."
Glyn Wright: County Inspector/Adviser for Personal Development Learning, Hampshire

"It's easy for the message about healthy eating to become preachy and serious - Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere manages to do just the opposite. Watching children get caught up in Jamie's adventures convinced me that not only is the play hugely entertaining, but is also a brilliant example of educational theatre."
Brian Dow, Media Officer, School Food Trust

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