Front cover of Surfing on Suicide Script by Danny Surrock, showing falling man
Danny Sturrock

Surfing on Suicide Script

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Surfing on Suicide tells the true story of 18 year old Simon Kelly who, after using the internet to obtain detailed information on suicide methods and using suicide chat rooms, tragically took his own life in 2001. He launched a website to act as his suicide note only minutes before he died. This is his story.

Suitable for: Age Key Stage 3/4 and A-level to adult
Duration: 55 minutes approx.
Cast: 5 female, 4 male, or 2 female and 2 male with doubling

"A drama which is honest, humane, humorous, informative and emotional without being emotive... Fast paced and pitched perfectly... a piece of theatre at its best."
Karen Robson, Southern Daily Echo Review

"In tackling a topic such as suicide there is always the risk of over dramatisation and glorification of the individuals concerned, which could lead other vulnerable youngsters to follow suit."
Paul and Hillary Kelly, Simon's parents

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