Front cover of One million to Stop the Traffik Script by Mark Wheeller, showing a hand print
Mark Wheeller

One Million to STOP THE TRAFFIK Script

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This play interweaves true stories of people who are trafficked with the formation of the campaign team STOP THE TRAFFIK.

One Million to STOP THE TRAFFIK tells the true story of their determined quest to get the 1,000,000 signatures they need to go to the United Nations and call on governments to fight human trafficking.

A gift for drama teachers as the script breaks down into bite sized pieces that different groups can work on to present to their peers. The original production used young people's street dance skills to represent the traffickers.

Suitable for: Age 14+
Duration: 50 minutes
Cast: deliberately flexible, some roles not even being named. First performed by a mixed group of 18.

"Spellbinding and disturbing… one of the best productions I have seen in a long time, anywhere."
Ian Murray, Chief Editor Daily Echo

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